Polski / English

Trupa Trupa are Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Tomek Pawluczuk, Wojtek Juchniewicz and Rafał Wojczal. In 2015 the band was signed by Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records (Jute Gyte, Tashi Dorji, Mats Gustafsson, Katie Gately), the result of which was "Headache", a critically acclaimed album released on CD and cassette. In October 2016, "Headache Remastered" on vinyl and CD was re-released by the French label Ici d'ailleurs (Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation and Stefan Wesołowski). In autumn the band will release a new album called "Jolly New Songs". The record will be an international collaboration between several labels (more details soon). 


"Their 2015 release Headache has very strong song writing and seems to be carrying that strength over to singles we’ve heard from their upcoming record Jolly New Songs due out later this year. Definitely watch out for these guys.”

Headache among the best LPs of 2015 and TT as one of the best rock bands - says Sasha Frere-Jones, one of the world's most influential music critics writing for the LA Times: "One of the best rock bands doing business now is from Gdansk, Poland. The lead singer of Trupa Trupa is poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, who sings (and speaks, sometimes) in English. The band recalls a less woozy version of Dungen, another band who know their ’60s psychedelia but don’t sound like thirsty revivalists. Kwiatkowski leans into the conversational loopiness of Syd Barrett and the band flowers behind him. Beauty and intensity get equal space here.”
Sasha Frere-Jones, Los Angeles Times

"This is incredible work. The result is their first moment of true greatness.”
Tristan Bath, The Quietus
"It’s 2015, everyone, and did you hear? Bands are back in a big way, and Trupa Trupa is hands-down among the very best of them.”
Strauss, Tiny Mix Tapes