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This week we’re taking the Tiny Desk (home) concerts international. In a basement in Gdańsk, we find Poland’s great rock band Trupa Trupa on lockdown.
Piosenka End Of The Line z nowej płyty EP na antenie radia KCRW w audycji Henry’ego Rollinsa!
Les chaussures invisibles du camp de concentration de Stutthof.
Gościnny występ członka Trupy Trupa w charytatywnym muzycznym projekcie Jima McGuinna z radia The Current. Wśród gości m.in. Steve Wynn z The Dream Syndicate i Brett Newski.
Trupa Trupa ziet het felste licht vanuit de donkerste tunnels.
’It would be brilliant if our music made the world better’. That’s what Polish avant-garde rocker GRZEGORZ KWIATKOWSKI hopes but, says Michal Boncza, he isn’t holding his breath.
Utwór tytułowy z nowej płyty EP Trupy Trupa polecany przez Henry’ego Rollinsa na antenie radia KCRW!
I’ve been corresponding with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, singer and guitarist of Polish post-punk-art-psych outfit Trupa Trupa for a few years now. I was feeling pretty down last week (and maybe it seeped into my column (okay, it did)), and I told Grzegorz a bit about some of the stuff that was bothering me. He had the most helpful and reassuring reply.
Trupa Trupa trafiła do sekcji „Best New Music” magazynu Times zaraz obok Neila Younga i zespołu The Strokes.
As a part of her “Phone a Friend” series, Morning Show host Jill Riley has been checking in with various musicians over the phone. She made an international call to Poland to chat with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski of the indie rock band Trupa Trupa about how the coronavirus affected the release cycle for their new EP, I’ll Find, as well as the history of their hometown, and their plans for the future.

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