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Trupa Trupa’s music mixes elements of so many things I love – bits of psychedelia, krautrock, repetition, noise, melody, and beauty. It can be haunting, harsh, disturbing, meditative – sometimes all in the same track.
Our new single "Longing" premiered yesterday on BBC Radio 6 Music and KEXP! Thank You Gideon Coe and Cheryl Waters!
The soundtrack and visual to your existential crises is streaming here now. Gdansk’s Trupa Trupa continue to stake their claim as one of the most essential bands of 2019 with their new single ‚Longing’.
The Polish protest-psychedelic group Trupa Trupa tease their (excellent) forthcoming Of The Sun album with the spacey, shimmering Longing.
We're in the New & Notable section! Thank you Bandcamp!

See you in the United States, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland! More dates to be announced soon!

Longing - a new single from the upcoming Of The Sun album. Director: Marcel Hones. Post-processing: Aleksander Makowski.
Boom! Our "Remainder" is KEXP's Song of the Day!
Trupa Trupa in KEXP'S Music That Matters - a weekly selection of world's best independent artists curated by Kevin Cole. Listen to new songs by Sufjan Stevens, Bill Callahan, Sleater-Kinney and Trupa Trupa!
Here is our debut in Clash Magazine!

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