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Video by: David McNamee.
Our radio debut in Portland OR. Thanks to Dave Cantrell from XRAY.FM.
On their nimble new LP, the Polish quartet Trupa Trupa bring some poetry and subtlety to psychedelic rock.
Fright Halloween Night on BBC Radio 6 Music with "Coffin".
Ähnlich vielfältig sind die Polen Trupa Trupa auf ihrem neuen Album mit dem irreführenden Titel »Jolly New Songs« (Ici d’ailleurs).

Jolly New Songs on TIDAL Rising. 

Following the release of Jolly New Songs, the third album from Polish band Trupa Trupa, we talked with lead vocalist Grzegorz Kwiatkowski about their beginnings, as well as their latest offering.
Die polnische Band findet die Balance zwischen wärmenden Pop-Melodien und der Schärfe des Post-Punk.

Happy release day! Jolly New Songs album is out now! You can listen to Jolly on all digital platforms and buy it in all internet shops. Thank You: Ici d'ailleurs, Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records, Antena Krzyku and last but not least Michał Kupicz! Only good weather!

Com quatro álbuns em seis anos, os polacos Trupa Trupa têm-se afirmado como um dos mais estimulantes e sólidos colectivos de rock, aliando um som muito próprio a uma constante, mas serena, cavalgada por entre psicadelia e electricidade quase anarquista.

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