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Nothing hurts harder than a surprise ending, and the title track of this album has a real face-slap of one. One minute you’re in bliss, carried away in a crescendo of spine-tingling post-rock guitars and soft, wordless oohs, the next you’re through – the song’s out the door, down the street, pulling away from the kerb and into a new life.
Jolly New Songs
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Big thanks to Ron Hart, American music critic who has written for such publications as Billboard, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Observer, VICE and Paste Magazine among many others.

Trupa Trupa is a psychedelic no wave band from Gdansk, Poland. Their stylistic approach recalls work by bands like Shellac, Swans, Slint and Beak>. There is such discordance, tension and intensity in their compositions that it feels like the band is genuinely inclined to deconstruct the traditional rock format.

Trupa Trupa right now on BBC Radio 6 Music! "To Me" is the "Headphone Moment" on the Morning Show. The Beeb described it as "Epic beyond words!"
Gdansk-based Trupa Trupa announce their second album for Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records.
'To Me' from forthcoming album 'Jolly New Songs'. Released October 27th on Ici d'ailleurs and Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records. Directed by Benjamin Finger.
Jolly New Songs – an international collaboration between two prestigious labels: French Ici d’ailleurs (Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation, Stefan Wesołowski) and British Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records (Jute Gyte, Tashi Dorji, Mats Gustafsson, Katie Gately) will have its World premiere on October 27th, 2017.
Prepare to be arrested and smittened, for looming on a distant horizon, a new full length from Trupa Trupa waits in patient quiet majesty.
I’m glad to see plenty of other Polish acts dotting the bill as well, and the country’s busy musical underground doesn’t let us down.

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