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Unbelievable, Enfin un mal de tête qui rend heureux. Tropa Tropa n’en fait pas trop, leur troisième album, Headache sort enfin en France. Les voyages forment les jeunes et les moins jeunes.
Good news from France! Label Ici d'ailleurs (with artists as Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation and our great friend Stefan Wesołowski) is putting out our Headache remastered album on vinyl and CD. Release date: October 21th.
Our 2013 album, ++, is now available on all major digital platforms.
Live from Café OTO!
An 11 pm slot on a Monday night isn’t the most opportune time to be making your U.K. debut. The audience had drifted away about half an hour earlier as the third of three synth-based acts neared the end of his set. Someone said it looked like Trupa Trupa had been landed with ‘the graveyard slot’, but then it all changed. The audience swelled to around a hundred as the four-piece Polish band took to the small, low level stage.

We're on Global Underground on Orange 94.0. Thanks!

Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records describe themselves as purveyors of ‘secular drones and spiritual pop’. Wild Anima, the opening act at Cafe Oto on the label’s first London showcase, describes herself on SoundCloud as a ‘bird pop’ act, and though her accompanying performer waves feathers around with a New Age mysticism for the last of her three songs, her eerie soundscapes with euro pop melodic sensibilities typify the breadths of the label’s coterie musically.
Photography - Jarek Orłowski.
GIG ALERT! We've got very, very good news! We're playing in a great place in London - the legendary Café OTO. See you on 8 August!
Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records night featuring Gdansk avant-rock quartet, Norwegian genre-crossing composer, Toronto post-Techno artist, and Paris-based Greek sound designer producing spiritual pop. London Cafe Oto, 8 August, 8pm, £8—£6.

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