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Headache featured in the New Afternoon Show at New York University WNYU radio station.

Abili nel confezionare melodie dal respiro classico (Barret/Lennon) ed eccezionali nel farne scintillare i contorni anche nelle esplosioni noise, i Trupa Trupa mettono a segno un album capace di richiamare i Grizlly Bear di Yellow House come i Mercury Rev di Boces.

Trupa Trupa from Gdansk, Poland, releases a guitar album on which US new wave is combined with British influences and mild psychedelics.
Trupa Trupa will perform on 15 September at Gdynia Film Festival.
There are several things that can be accomplished in nine minutes. You could make and drink a cup of tea, albeit not a very well brewed one and you’re likely to burn your tongue, or attempt to exercise, and fall over in a heap and just about recover, or you could listen to a song filled with guitars so scuzzy that they look like they’ve just been out on the town with Pete Doherty.
Headache on tape! You can get a copy from a limited edition of 100 at www.bluetapes.co.uk.
Trupa Trupa will perform on 19 August at Port Literacki Festival in Gdańsk.
Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records commissioned noise musician and artist Jason Williams (Hysteresis, Mothers of The Third Reich, Aeliopile, etc) to produce a video for the swirling, bad-tempered 10-minute title track from the album.
Author: Jarosław Orłowski.
Coming all the way from Poland is “Headache”, the latest album effort by Trupa Trupa which has been put on the circuit via the UK-based imprint Blue Tapes And X-Ray Records in early March 2015.

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