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This Gdansk quartet’s craggy, granite-hewn alt rock grooves have been attracting a fair bit of praise on the blogs over the past few months, so it’s an honour to usher their third album through the gates of the We Need No Swords security compound.
A band that merges poetry and psychedelia. As the artists call it: ‘a combination between circus at the cemetery and funeral rites in the circus’.
Halleysonme from Headache album on Song by Toad's podcast.
A curious mix of Swans-like gothic psychedelia and Slint post-rock, with a smattering of Germanic influence.
Trupa Trupa are a four-piece rock band that hails from Gdansk, Poland, a charming city on the Baltic Sea that has been pulled in different directions over centuries. For instance, under periods of German rule it was known as Danzig. Trupa Trupa’s third album, Headache (put out by the UK-based label Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records) is, in its own way, also pulled in different directions by competing influences.
This foursome from Gdansk, Poland are a mix of no wave and post punk with a touch of psychedelia thrown in. It makes for a trippy sound that goes all over the place, but holds together well at the same time.
Trupa Trupa plays home. We are part of the Streetwaves festival lineup, with the gig in the woods of Dolina Radości (The Valley of Joy).
Trupa Trupa plays a gig in Warsaw. 28 May, 9 PM at Cafe Kulturalna.
Trupa Trupa plays a gig in Sopot on 2 May. The concert will be broadcast live by Polish Radio Three, the major national radio broadcast company.
Hay cosas inesperadas que te alegran el fin de semana y ésta, aunque se llame “Headache”, es una de ellas. Este disco terminó en mi bandeja de entrada todavía no sé muy bien cómo, pero tampoco importa. De momento, leer que la música de Trupa Trupa es “demasiado extraña para que les guste a los seres humanos” me pareció demasiado para un sábado cualquiera y no me sentía especialmente preparada para sufrir una tortura sónica.

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