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I have to admit that it’s been a while since a rock band was able to give me that real “woah” factor without resorting to completely deconstructing everything altogether.
A lot has recently been said about Trupa Trupa, and very good things at that. All thanks to their new album "Headache", released internationally and noticed by local press and blogs.
This is a pop combo from Gdansk, Poland. Their music ranges between DIY vibes and complexity which makes me think the DIY part is the heart of their music and the complexity is their true talents and capacity.
Trupa Trupa will perform on 27 July at Altonale Festival.
The Polish rock scene will be represented by groups such as Trupa Trupa, a band that plays alt-rock and whose last album, Headache, was released by the English label Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records.
This one blindsided me. I had never heard of Polish band Trupa Trupa before, true; but more for the fact that it came from Blue Tapes, a label that is admittedly eclectic in sonic output but is generally more to the abstract noise/ambient outliers of the musical spectrum (Tashi Dorji, Henry Plotnick, Father Murphy).
Quartetto proveniente dalla Polonia, questo dei Trupa Trupa, che dopo un paio di lavori autoprodotti fa il suo debutto per l’inglese Blue Tapes (un nastro con quest’etichetta lo hanno pubblicato pure i Father Murphy).
Poola bändi materjal mitmekülgse Suurbritannia leibeli alt. Raevukad kitarrid, aga tundlikud harmoonilised liikumised.
Released on both C60 and, somewhat sacrilegiously, compact disc, by the vastly multifaceted UK-based label, Blue Tapes & X-Ray Records, this album from Polish quartet Trupa Trupa (based out of Gdańsk on the country’s north coast) really doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Comprising as it does, it’s always clever, often beautiful, and at times very angry guitar music that defies definition.
This Gdansk quartet’s craggy, granite-hewn alt rock grooves have been attracting a fair bit of praise on the blogs over the past few months, so it’s an honour to usher their third album through the gates of the We Need No Swords security compound.

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