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Displacement is a difficult sensation to convey using art most of the times. Feeling dislocated, out of your comfort zone can sometimes just be idiotic. But some more fortunate souls understand the nature of escapism—it’s not an art form, it is a way of getting inside art, seeing it firsthand. Curiously, escaping yourself, feeling displaced and alienized can feel rather therapeutic sometimes.
Blue Tapes have been teaming up with X-Ray Records recently and the results have been pretty spectacular. The latest release is no exception. It comes from Trupa Trupa, who hail from Gdansk in Poland.
Trupa trupa will be getting further mentions in these pages when that is we manage to rescue an email from our bulging in box we received from blue tapes many weeks back.
Trupa Trupa is to perform a gig on 25 April at Spring Break Festival in Poznan.
Saturday, 18 April, is the Headache cassette release date and it's one of best in 2015 as picked by Tristan Bath of Quietus.
Alternative Rock from Gdansk, Poland, Trupa Trupa combine unsettling tones with just enough melody and pop nous to draw the listener right in to the midst of the swirling 90s alt rock atmosphere their new album Headache successfully creates.

I Trupa Trupa sono un gruppo polacco giunto al terzo album “Headache”.

It’s appropriately titled, just as was the Big Black EP of the same title. Only where Polish four-piece Trupa Trupa are concerned, it’s more of a slowly nagging throb than one of those splintering, cranium-splitting bastard headaches.
Trupa Trupa will perform on 5 July at LDZ Music Festival. More details soon.
Gdansk, Poland band Trupa Trupa are a mixture of Krautrock, shoegaze, and psychedelia, and their new album is released via Blue Tapes and available on all formats including limited number tapes and frost-clear heavyweight vinyl. Below Philip Neeson gets a wee bit excited.

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