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Trupa Trupa is sinds 2009 een geweldige Poolse groep uit Gdańsk, die een ontmoetingsplek is van hun invloeden, die uiteenloopt van 60-er jaren psychedelica, krautrock, symfonische rock en folk tot cold wave, garagerock en noise. Naast een epee hebben ze nu al twee albums uitgebracht, waarvan de laatste ++ (2014) hun voorlopige hoogtepunt vormt.
Today is the Headache premiere. The album is ereleased by Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records. The cassette tape release is scheduled for 18 April.
Wideo by Wojtek Juchniewicz for Halleyesonme from the Headache album.
Sharp as a migraine and twice as psychedelic. There is something about Trupa Trupa’s music that borders on an interface with pain – sometimes the vocals and guitar are all treble and daggers, for instance – but then there’s that anaesthetic cushion of organ and the rolling sighs of the rhythms and melodies. Trupa Trupa’s music teeters between a yawn and a shriek. It sways but does not stumble. There is something almost threatening about the way it affects to lose control at moments when you know full well that it never under any less but the most precise and steely control of its creators.
Found footage by Katarzyna Łygońskia for Snow from the Headache album.
Now, this LP from Gdansk's Trupa Trupa is good. Really good. Headache sounds like lots of things past and present; a sludgy growling rock sound that trundles around the outer wall of your consciousness, looking for the way in.
キーボードを含む編成の4ピース・バンドTrupa Trupaを聴いて、彼らの母国ポーランドの長きに渡る苦難の歴史を想起した。ホロコーストを例に挙げるまでもなく戦争と国家存亡の危機の繰り返し。淡々と耐え忍ぶようなヴァースから一転エモーショナルなコーラス、時折聴かせる劇的な展開といった曲調にそれは反映されているのかもしれない。一聴、それはニルヴァーナを始めとするグランジ・ロックからの影響のようにも聞こえる。
【インタビュー】 Toyokazu Mori recommends “Headache”.
Record session in Dickie Dreams. Photo: Trupa Trupa.

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