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Coffin / The Quietus

Watch on The Quietus now! "Coffin" - the 2nd video from the forthcoming album "Jolly New Songs", due out October 27th on Ici d'ailleurs and Blue Tapes & X-Ray Records!

„Soon we will see the release of the fourth album, Jolly New Songs, from Trupa Trupa, marking their second with the Blue Tapes labels following 2015’s Headache, and now they have shared a video for album track ‚Coffin’. The nocturnal visuals of barren tree branches and power stations sit alongside the band’s somewhat morbid love song which marries intense post-rock guitars with more indie sensibilities underlined by singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski’s delicate vocals. The video was made by the band’s drummer Tomek Pawluczuk, who is also a graphic designer, and bassist Wojtek Juchniewicz. The album itself sees the band gunning for an overtly more triumphant tone than previous offerings. Jolly New Songs is out on October 27 via Blue Tapes and French label Ici D’ailleurs.”