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Trupa Trupa to Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Tomek Pawluczuk, Wojtek Juchniewicz i Rafał Wojczal. Od 2015 roku zespół nagrywa dla brytyjskiej wytwórni Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records (w katalogu m.in. Jute Gyte, Tashi Dorji, Mats Gustafsson, Katie Gately). Efektem współpracy jest bardzo dobrze przyjęty przez polską i zagraniczną krytykę album Headache. Od 2016 roku zespół związany jest również z francuską wytwórnią Ici d'ailleurs (w katalogu m.in. Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation, Stefan Wesołowski), która wydała zremasterowaną wersję Headache na płycie winylowej. 27 października zespół wydał kolejną płytę zatytułowaną Jolly New Songs. Jest to międzynarodowa kooperacja wytwórni Ici d'ailleurs i Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records. 

Zespół Trupa Trupa wystąpił dotychczas m.in. na holenderskim festiwalu Eurosonic (2017), w londyńskim klubie Cafe OTO (2016), na antenie telewizji muzycznej Boiler Room (2016), a także na polskich festiwalach - Open'er Festival (2015, 2012), OFF Festival (2017, 2013), Ars Cameralis (2013) i Soundrive Festival (2014). Koncerty zespołu są emitowane również na antenie TVP Kultura (od 2012 roku). Trupa Trupa za album Headache została zgłoszona do Paszportów Polityki. Zespół jest dwukrotnym laureatem nagrody kulturalnej Gazety Wyborczej SZTORM ROKU za album LP i album ++, laureatem nagrody muzycznej DOKI w kategorii Artysta Roku oraz laureatem nagrody Splendor Gedanensis za album Headache. Trupa Trupa została również nominowana do Nagrody Aktivista w kategorii Artysta Roku za album ++ oraz do Nagrody Pomorskie Sztormy za album Headache.


„On their nimble new LP, the Polish quartet Trupa Trupa bring some poetry and subtlety to psychedelic rock.”

Evan Rytlewski, www.pitchfork.com

A strange, brilliant record. [...] This is a powerful band possessing special properties, that’s for sure. On the evidence of this record they happily live between any time and place. Or, rather, they’ve carved out their own sort of time in their music and invited you in.”

Richard Foster, www.thequietus.com

Jedna z najważniejszych radiostacji muzycznych na świecie KEXP poleca Headache i Jolly New Songs: „Their 2015 release Headache has very strong song writing and seems to be carrying that strength over to singles we’ve heard from their upcoming record Jolly New Songs due out later this year. Definitely watch out for these guys.”

KEXP Radio

To Me na antenie BBC Radio 6 Music w audycjach Stuarta Maconie, Lauren Laverne, Toma Ravenscrofta i Gideona Coe. Tom Ravenscroft określił singiel To Me jako „Epic beyond words!”.


„One of my favorite bands out of Europe these days is Trupa Trupa out of Gdansk, Poland. Their excellent new album, Jolly New Songs, is due out in late October, but they just released their first single, To Me, which sounds to me like The Beach Boys’ Surfs Up crashing into MBV’s Loveless. Give it a listen, won’t you?”

Ron Hart, krytyk muzyczny piszący dla takich tytułów jak Billboard, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Observer, VICE i Paste Magazine.

„With their fierce guitars, anthemic sound, knack for melodies and sometimes quirky lyrics, Trupa Trupa is becoming one of the most notable new psych-rock bands.”


Piosenki z Jolly New Songs są emitowane przez nowojorskie radio WFMU w audycjach Gaylorda Fieldsa, Claya Pigeona, Marka Reicharda i dj'a Stana. Posłuchaj podcastów na stronie www.trupatrupa.com

„To ingest Trupa Trupa’s Jolly New Songs is to wonder what kind of mushrooms are growing outside behind the band’s practice space in Gdansk. The drugs are working, just not quite how you would expected them to.[...] Jolly New Songs is not built on debt or reference but the persistence of their stark yet malleable vision.”

Ian King, www.thelineofbestfit.com

„I really like this new album by Trupa Trupa. Bizarre and tuneful post-punk music from Poland.”

Zach Schonfeld, recenzent amerykańskiego Newsweeka

„Entitled Jolly New Songs, the album sees the band gunning for an overtly more triumphant tone than previous offerings. You can check out the first taste of the record via the video above for lead track 'To Me', a warming, somewhat anthemic cut with an underbelly of darkness, summing up the Gdansk-based group's new tack on Jolly New Songs.”

Christian Eede, www.thequietus.com

„The latest album from Gdańsk avant-rockers Trupa Trupa is another step forward. [...] Jolly New Songs picks up pretty much where Headache left off. [...] Back in 2015, parts of the indie rock landscape were looking in dire need of some attention. With Headache, and now Jolly New Songs, Trupa Trupa have brought a much-needed freshness to the territory, their nimble poeticism backed up by a wintry toughness. They, as well as other string manglers like Hey Colossus, Part-Chimp, Cayetana and Beaches – there are more if you know where to look – are carving out unique, individual spaces in a zone where mould-breaking innovation has all too often ossified into idea-free conformity. Essential listening.”

Paul Margree, www.louderthanwar.com

„Something I really enjoy about music is challenging myself with what I listen to when I click play. This is complete deflated when I hear someone singing. I just find it more unique when things are lyric-less or plane sampled. Maybe it’s more of a sculpture that way than someone’s middle-school poetry they mid-life crisis’d into a hard rock trope that’s fucking northern European. However (and most importantly), I gave up “rock and roll” long ago in the old Tipp City Post Office basement with Brandon and Nick and Marshall years ago, though, if I were there now with them jamming, we’d totally pump out some tunes like Trupa Trupa’s “To Me.” Snoop the color-soaked video above and believe in a few more Jolly New Songs in October. More to come!”

C MONSTER, www.tinymixtapes.com

„While sometimes hearing rock and roll played from a non-English as first language country can be alarmingly bad or cartoonish, sometimes you hear the most interesting stuff imaginable. One of my favorite discoveries of the past year was digging into a Hungarian band from the ’70s called Illes – who were like the Beatles (or Stones) of Hungary, during the Communist era, and while reflecting the ’60s rock movement also retained elements of their native folk music and launguage. Now it’s 2017, and the world is global and information spreads more easily, so I don’t know that there’s a direct „Polish-ness” to Trupa Trupa, but there is an otherworld and unique vibe the exists in the songs – I’m not sure a band from the UK or US could sound like this. What’s it sounds like? If you take a bit of the Radiohead post-rock and a touch of Pink Floyd with a litte minimalism added in, plus whatever the second language and folk traditions their Polishness must impart, and you get this really interesting thing happening.”

Jim McGuinn jest dyrektorem programowym amerykańskiego publicznego radia The Current.

„There’s range, and with repeated listens, depth.”

Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District

Jeden z najważniejszych muzycznych dziennikarzy świata Sasha Frere-Jones na łamach LA TIMES uznał Headache za jedną z najlepszych płyt 2015 roku, a Trupę Trupa jednym z najlepszych zespołów rockowych na świecie: „One of the best rock bands doing business now is from Gdansk, Poland. The lead singer of Trupa Trupa is poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, who sings (and speaks, sometimes) in English. The band recalls a less woozy version of Dungen, another band who know their ’60s psychedelia but don’t sound like thirsty revivalists. Kwiatkowski leans into the conversational loopiness of Syd Barrett and the band flowers behind him. Beauty and intensity get equal space here.”

Sasha Frere-Jones, Los Angeles Times

„This is incredible work. The result is their first moment of true greatness.”

Tristan Bath, The Quietus

„It’s 2015, everyone, and did you hear? Bands are back in a big way, and Trupa Trupa is hands-down among the very best of them.”

Strauss, Tiny Mix Tapes

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