Trupa Trupa

An invitation from the Quietus

Feel less doomed and accept The Quietus invitation to our gig in Café OTO in London.

„Blue Tapes has announced an official collaboration with the Polish Cultural Institute of London for an upcoming night at Cafe Oto in August.

The label will be bringing their flagship group Trupa Trupa over from Poland for their UK debut, who will also be joined by Norwegian composer Benjamin Finger, Toronto-based producer Unfollow and Greek sound designer Wild Anima.

In light of Brexit, the murder of Jo Cox, and the reported rise of far-right sentiments, Blue Tapes’ upcoming night has taken on a new political dimension. They write: We might not change anyone’s minds. We’re definitely not going to save any lives. But it may help us all feel a little less doomed, even if just for a few hours.

Trupa Trupa come to London on August 8. For more information or for tickets to join in on feeling less doomed, click here.”

Mollie Zhang, The Quietus

An invitation from the Quietus