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Trupa Trupa Return With Mighty ‘Twitch’. Watch the hallucinogenic visuals…

Polish art-rock group Trupa Trupa return with the storming video for ‘Twitch’.

The band’s imposing physicality is matched to some truly ground-breaking artistry – imagine a kind of Eastern European answer to Swans and you’d be close.

With their intense live shows and crunching studio output, Trupa Trupa have built an imposing catalogue, one with an international reach.

The Gdańsk group returned recently, launching plans for a brand new album – ‘B FLAT A’ is out on February 11th, via Glitterbeat Records (in Europe and elsewhere) and Lovitt Records (United States).

The first single ‘Twitch’ is phenomenal, an absolute sonic onslaught there displays Trupa Trupa at their very best.

We’re able to share the new video for ‘Twitch’ in full, a self-described “psychedelic dream” shot by director Aleksander Makowski.

A Warsaw based multi-disciplinary artist, Aleksander Makowski is the perfect choice to translate Trupa Trupa’s music to the screen.

The film maker comments…

“The video for ‘Twitch’ is a story of a psychedelic dream – where everything is unreal and everything could happen. This ever-trembling, GIF-like image creates a world where nightmare goes along with comedy and grotesque.”

“Right from the beginning I knew that in order to illustrate the metaphorical twitch I would benefit from having several different visual points of view – ones that might interact with each other on many unexpected levels. Therefore I invited a group of people to collaborate by taking photos with disposable cameras. Apart from Trupa Trupa members, these were Keesan Nam and Justus Briggs – UC Berkeley students (Department of Film & Media) and Mike Watt, Leron Thomas and Irvine Welsh.”

Tune in now.

Robin Murray,

Clash magazine