Trupa Trupa

Recenzja Headache – Beach Sloth

Trupa Trupa’s surrealist Headache proves that psychedelic and post-rock can peacefully co-exist. With an unconventional approach Trupa Trupa deliver thoughtful surprising works infused with tenderness. Although experimentation roams wild and free throughout there is an emotional core that ties the album together.

Melodies gently drift on by nicely accompanied by the dreamy vocals of Grzegorz Kwiatkowski’s and Wojtek Juchniewicz. Lyrics add to the overall sense of the journey as they feel reminiscent of the potent poetics of late 60s otherworldly lyricism.

Grunge influences adorn the heavy spirit of Snow. Quite powerful Snow is aptly named for it takes after the relentless power of that force of nature. Tenderness pours out of the intimate Sky is falling which feels reminiscent of Slint’s sudden shifts in tone. Lumbering along is the woozy arrangements of Sacrifice whose casual cool riffs give the song a hazy summery vibe. Krautrock rhythms appear on the sprawling ambitious of Getting older. On this track the band opts to let the song build and build until it becomes an unstoppable force. Sleepy in style is the slow-moving work of Give’em all. Passionate to its very core is the maelstrom of noise that defines the highlight, the brilliant work of Wasteland. A constant march with a pulsing beat leads to the chaos of the title track, the celebratory Headache. Ending the album on a high note is the galloping rhythm of Picture yourself.

Headache proves that Trupa Trupa are one of the most relevant bands out there, possessing a spirit that touches upon a classic timelessness while at the same time pointing towards a gleaming future.

Recenzja Headache – Beach Sloth