Trupa Trupa

Recenzja Headache – Ransom Note

There are several things that can be accomplished in nine minutes. You could make and drink a cup of tea, albeit not a very well brewed one and you’re likely to burn your tongue, or attempt to exercise, and fall over in a heap and just about recover, or you could listen to a song filled with guitars so scuzzy that they look like they’ve just been out on the town with Pete Doherty.

Unsurprisingly, Trupa Trupa would probably like it best if you went with the third of these options as their mesmerising guitar-driven sounds are just the right kind of bizarre that I’m able to scrape them onto Ransom Note without fear of the naughty slipper (That’s what you think – Ed.). As they mess with your mind like tiny little worms that you accidentally ingested when eating a sandwich from a petrol station, there’s something wonderful about their monotony that means it never quite gets boring no matter how long the same sounds bombard your brain. It’s almost as if you’re listening to a drone record and, by the time you’ve finished gazing at your shoes, it appears as though a jungle has sprung up around you and that you’re going to need a bit of a hand if you’re going to get out of here.

Or I suppose you could just keep staring at your shoes, there’s never been any harm in that. They do need a good clean though.

Ciarán Steward,

Recenzja Headache – Ransom Note