Trupa Trupa

Recenzja Headache – We Keep The Neighbors Up

Faithful to the chrome abuse of pinched plastic thorns, wet paint deities floating, and softly bumping into prospect.

Grave yard robbers disturbing partial weddings, and broken body miracles… Trupa Trupa are definitely supervising the special places inbetween water, and land. Where duct tape stains angels lips with cold glitter, and soggy trumpets leaking forever ago somewhere in the falling sky.

Effective suppressants combinding apartment anxiety, soon causing menthol fever to break across juices, lunging at the blue jean, piercing through the blood coal, and into the heart. This release is a frozen memoir that registers a complete crisis of the body that casually leaks, and pulls apart in solitude…

This is the third release by Trupa-Trupa, a celebration of the survival of mother paranoid, her legs crossed, her fingers bent in hostile door frame, she screams under the thick moon as the cieling fan spins like fathers pocket blades… She hears her body cardio melt like candles in cabin fever. It drips under eyelash, blinks heavy like a headache, and spits on the feet. Pregnant, and still like steal standing, this band will never fall over…

Dakota Brown, We Keep The Neighbors Up

Recenzja Headache – We Keep The Neighbors Up