Trupa Trupa

SXSW / Chicago Tribune

Występ Trupa Trupa jednym z najlepszych koncertów na SXSW wg amerykańskiej gazety Chicago Tribune!

Recenzja koncertu

„Trupa Trupa rolled in from Gdansk, Poland, with a guitar made out of what looked like a fuel can and a sound that fused East European post-punk in the mold of Plastic People of the Universe and Pulnoc with psychedelia. The dynamic, unpredictable songs shifted across imaginary continents in a blink, just like this day of music.”

Recenzja całego festiwalu

„Female artists, artists of color, outsiders from every corner of the world — from Africa and Poland to Jordan and Russia — filled the crowded bars and clubs of the Texas capital with dissenting guitars, empowered voices and raised fists.[…] Poland’s Trupa Trupa combined poetic introspection with abrasive post-punk guitars, one of which was fashioned out of a fuel can.”

SXSW / Chicago Tribune