Trupa Trupa

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Trupa Trupa zagrała jeden z trzech najlepszych koncertów na tegorocznej edycji SXSW wg krytyków muzycznych Grega Kota i Jima DeRogatisa z programu radiowego Sounds Opinion.

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„What I love about Austin SXSW is that they do bring bands from other countries you may never otherwise get to see; that tour very infrequently. Another great example of this is this Polish band Trupa Trupa. We talked about them last year, we’ve seen them at SXSW. This is one of their rare appearances in the US. As a result of that appearance at SXSW,  they were covered by a number of writers, including myself. They got a recording contract with Sub Pop Records. So here we are, they returned here playing new songs from their forthcoming Sub Pop record. You know, on top of that, they were speaking about some very crucial issues; the mayor of Gdansk, Poland where they’re from was murdered a few weeks ago. He was an ally, a friend of the band, so they dedicated their shows to him; one of the songs has this dark vibe that very much played into this theme of hate speech and how it’s affecting the way the world works. And that part of Europe is under siege of right-wing forces. And there are are parallels in our own country, so everybody could relate. It was really a powerful performance.”

SXSW / Sounds Opinion