Trupa Trupa


Director: Nick Larson, post-processing: Aleksander Makowski.

Director Nick Larson about The „Remainder” video: „I thought a lot about the lyrics when looking for content and kept coming back to humans and their impact both on each other and the world around them. In many ways we disrespect and destroy what others have built and I wanted to reflect that in the video. My goal for the video was to create a sense of unease and remind people that the past should not be forgotten. I also felt very moved by this quote from Grzegorz Kwiatkowski interview about the Stutthof concentration camp, „Many people want to change history. I feel these shoes, this is the old truth. So, we have to secure these artifacts from the Holocaust because it will not be so easy to say it didn’t happen. It’s kind of an anti-war statement, but also a ‚never forget’ statement.” And though much of the video had been finished when this article was published, this quote became a driving force behind finishing the video. In America, we see a rise of nationalism and immigrants being detained in alarming and disgusting ways in what can only really be called concentration camps. It feels like we haven’t learned anything from the past.”

Nick Larson (1995) – is an artist and designer currently based in Minneapolis, MN. Originally from Rhode Island, he relocated to the midwest to attend St. Olaf College where he studied Studio Art and Russian Area Studies. Since graduating he has collaborated with local musicians and artists while working on his own independent artistic projects. Themes in his work include absurdity, cultural criticism, and experimentation. In the fall he will return to the east coast of the US to pursue an MFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design.

Aleksander Makowski (1990) – artist and graphic designer born and based in Warsaw, Poland. His work revolve around fields such as animation, poster design and video art. Being a musician himself he mainly works on music-related projects. Currently working on his graduation film at the Graphics Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.