Trupa Trupa


Tears for Fears’ Songs From the Big Chair Turns 35: Musicians Reflect on ’80s Pop Favorite.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Lead vocalist and guitarist, Trupa Trupa

“A very powerful and very visionary album. In some way, it sounds like a mix of psychoanalytic Ingmar Bergman movies like Persona and books such as Trial by Kafka or 1984 by Orwell. Maybe I am wrong but I can feel modern fears in this Big Chair air. Such as: global financial forces are fighting with individuality and freedom. This album is full of paradoxes. It’s both pessimistic and scary and on the other hand it is very calm, almost romantic. At some points, it has some philosophical and existential kind of lyrics. Phrases like: And I believe, no I can’t believe / That every time you hear a newborn scream / You just can’t see the shaping of a life / The shaping of a life” are a real poetry. It’s just great writing and great work of art.”

Ron Hart,