Trupa Trupa

Stereogum / B FLAT A

Trupa Trupa hail from Poland, where for over a decade they’ve been using serrated post-punk to draw connections between their country’s fascist past and the present day. 

According to singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, their new B FLAT A is about “the wasteland of human nature where hatred and genocide are not just distant reverberations of Central European history but still resonate in contemporary reality.” Out today, it’s a tense and explosive listen brimming with heady ideas, occasionally branching off in surprising directions like the psych-pop-tinged single “Uniforms.” Perhaps appropriately, the album’s baseline sound calls back to the Cold War era, the bridge between that old uncomfortable history and now.

To mark today’s LP release, Trupa Trupa have also shared the first of two videos for opening track “Moving.” Today we’re getting director Keesan Nam’s “Moving (B FLAT),” which concludes an art-damaged trilogy that began with prior B FLAT A singles “Twitch” and “Uniforms.” Later on director Aleksander Makowski will present “Moving (FLAT A),” billed as this saga’s “reverse submerged in the subconscious and psychedelic.”

It’s all a lot to process sonically, visually, and politically, but why not just start with the “Moving (B FLAT)” video and work your way into the album from there if you dig?

Chris DeVille,

Stereogum / B FLAT A