Trupa Trupa

SXSW / The Liberator

Many artists come from abroad to take advantage of the unique opportunity SXSW offers, including Polish psychedelic rock group, Trupa Trupa. Trupa Trupa attempts to combine many disparate musical styles and genres, based on each members’ preference and style. The group’s lead vocalist, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, claims that this blending of styles is part of what makes the band unique.

“Every one of us listens to different stuff” Kwiatkowski explained. “Each of us would like to have the biggest impact on the band. It’s a competition, a friendly one, which gives us a problem with identifying with just one genre.”

While the band’s genre changes throughout their songs and is hard to define, their lyrics consistently focus on what Kwiatkowski characterizes as “dark things.”

“We play rather dark things, like the bad parts of human nature. We are not glorifying evil or violence. We sing about the dark stuff because we like to fight with the dark stuff. We show the dark sides to say watch out and analyze the psychology of evil,” Kwiatkowski said.”

SXSW / The Liberator