Trupa Trupa

Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Witness Trupa Trupa’s postpunk triptych in the video for “Fitzcarraldo”.

The music made by Gdańsk’s Trupa Trupa covers a wide range, both musically and emotionally. “Fitzcarraldo,” from their 2020 EP I’ll Find, is more on the blissed-out side of things, juxtaposing nimble guitar melodies with an airy musical backdrop. The brand-new video (also available below) finds the band crossing the United States, and includes some footage shot at their show at Union Pool.

The band recently finished work on their new album, set for release on February 11, 2022, via Glitterbeat Records (Europe) and Lovitt Records (United States). Its first single will be released in November. For now, we have the new video for Fitzcarraldo to tide us over. The band is set to head back out onto the road in 2022 in support of the forthcoming album.

Director Aleksander Makowski had this to say about the video: “Although it might not seem like one – this is a video documenting a rock band’s tour in the United States. I recorded those clips while accompanying Trupa Trupa on their North American tour and I barely remember shooting any of them – maybe because most of the time I was in an almost trance-like state out of exhaustion, fever and constant hurry, that touring with a band usually guarantees. Instead of portraying cables, amps and drum risers I paid attention to quite different images. In a way this might be a work of my subconsciousness and watching these pictures makes me feel like I’m dreaming. Just as seeing those landscapes with my own eyes did.”

Tobias Carroll,

Vol. 1 Brooklyn