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I’m glad to see plenty of other Polish acts dotting the bill as well, and the country’s busy musical underground doesn’t let us down.
OFF Festival in the eye of Aleksander Makowski.
It’s good to see Polish acts taking a more prominent placing on the bill and again, this is down to talent more than any other factors.
Another of the great Polish bands at OFF this year is Trupa Trupa from the city of Gdansk in the North of Poland.
A preview of this years OFF Festival by The Quietus magazine and we're in.
Now in its twelfth year, OFF Festival in Katowice continues to cement its position as one of the best festivals in Europe for eclectic music lovers. Culture.pl presents some recommendations for a festival where the audience is spoilt for choice.
We're glad to be a part of this year's Vilnius Music Week line up.
UK gig alert! We're glad to announce that we will play in The Lexington, London on September 2.
The last track, ‘Picture Yourself’, on this remastered reissue of the third album by this Gdansk-based group, serves a triumphant and anthemic close to an approach converging indie-rock sensibilities with a clearly more experimental yearnings.
See you in Szczecin on the 1th of July.

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