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Jolly Winter Tour: France, Switzerland, Poland and USA.
One of us made a little contribution to The Recoup's article about Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding's 50th anniversary. Big thanks to Ron Hart, author of the article and the others who talked about the album - Chad Vangaalen, A.J. Croce, Amy Rigby, Jeff Klein and Winston Cook-Wilson.
I’m with C these days — vocal-based rock music can pretty much go suck a lemon, because I just have some sort of medulla oblongata–based involuntary function to scratch with non-rock releases. Read: give me experimental or give me death! (Or, uh, at least something better to listen to.)
We're pleased to announce that we are invited to play at SXSW 2018 in Austin, TX - the largest music showcase in the world. More details to come!
De Poolse groep Trupa Trupa uit Gdańsk timmert sinds 2009 op geheel eigen wijze aan de weg. Na twee albums in eigen beheer, lijken ze met hun derde Headache (2015) ook over de landsgrenzen een publiek aan te boren.
Jolly New Songs, το τέταρτο άλμπουμ των Πολωνών Trupa Trupa – ενός post-punk-psych κουαρτέτου- εμπεριέχει πλήθος αισθητικών εναλλαγών και αλλά κυρίως ρυθμών.
Nutro una insana passione per i dischi recuperati sul finire dell'anno. Ogni anno mi capita di innamorarmi di un disco appena prima di stilare una ideale classifica dei migliori dell'annata trascorsa, e anche il 2017 non è stato differente dagli anni precedenti.
Avec Jolly New Songs, les Polonais de Trupa Trupa dévoilent déjà leur quatrième long-format. Au moment de présenter cette sortie, leurs bagages sont pourtant lestés d’un élément absent jusqu’alors : la pression.
Venu tout droit de Gdansk, le groupe Trupa Trupa nous présente son dernier album intitulé « Jolly New Songs ». Brillant et étrange mélange entre clair et obscur, oscillant entre les différentes gammes de gris et sa palette si singulière, forment malgré tout un son cohérent.
OK, I know there’s some of you out there that don’t give a flying turntable arm stylus about an artist’s nationality, if the sounds are good, they’re good. Right? The merits of this approach aint something I’m about to ponder, discuss, or disagree with here, and in fact I do agree that if it’s worth listening to, what does it matter what nationality the band are? However, when a band as good as Trupa Trupa (from Poland!) remain under the radar for too long, questions need to be asked. Whatever the question, the answer will always be the same; “Go listen to ‘Jolly New Songs’”

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