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The last track, ‘Picture Yourself’, on this remastered reissue of the third album by this Gdansk-based group, serves a triumphant and anthemic close to an approach converging indie-rock sensibilities with a clearly more experimental yearnings.
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Released in 2015, the album Headache made quiet a storm in Poland and especially abroad. It garnered universal praise, from The Quietus, through Sub Pop’s Jonathan Poneman, to Sasha Frere-Jones, who, in a post for the LA Times, hailed Headache as one of the year’s top records.

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We're glad to be a part of this year's OFF Festival line up.
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This shiny Headache remastered edition on a double vinyl or CD is still available at www.icidailleurs.com
Trupa Trupa’s surrealist Headache proves that psychedelic and post-rock can peacefully co-exist. With an unconventional approach Trupa Trupa deliver thoughtful surprising works infused with tenderness. Although experimentation roams wild and free throughout there is an emotional core that ties the album together.

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