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Gig alert! We're playing at the United Islands Festival. See you on the 1st of June in Prague!
„Many artists come from abroad to take advantage of the unique opportunity SXSW offers, including Polish psychedelic rock group, Trupa Trupa. Trupa Trupa attempts to combine many disparate musical styles and genres, based on each members’ preference and style. The group’s lead vocalist, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, claims that this blending of styles is part of what makes the band unique.
We are in top 15 gigs of this year's SXSW according to Gigwise!
The Top Seven Things About SXSW 2019 according to Tucson Weekly and we are one of them!
Rock critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis discuss Trupa Trupa's gig at this year's SXSW on Sound Opinions, calling it a "really a powerful performance" and list it as one of three best performance of festival. Listen to the podcast from 09:45 or read the transcript.
During these last four days we played two gigs which found their way to Rolling Stone, NPR, Chicago Tribune, Sound Opinions, Gigwise and Tucson Weekly best acts list of this years edition!

Trupa Trupa among 10 Great Musical Discoveries of this year's SXSW according to Rolling Stone!


Chicago Tribune sees TT as one of the SXSW highlights!


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